The non-profit organisation Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH was founded as a media and research platform by the non-profit foundation Quo Vadis Veritas Stiftung. It acts completely independently and pursues the goal of working on the restoration of a common factual basis for qualified political debate. The self-declared aim of this reconstructive journalism is to come as close as possible to the truth in its best available form by use of research and data analysis. The management of Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH is in the hands of Michael Fleischhacker and Niko Alm.

QVV is constantly working on new projects which are currently published through the following platforms and formats:


Addendum searches for “the missing piece”. Here you will find intensive research projects carried out by investigative journalists, experts from various different fields (legal experts, economists etc.), and TV programme makers. We do not claim to have found the truth but we strive to get as close to the truth as we can by means of research and data analysis. In doing so, Addendum operates independently and with the goal of contributing towards restoring a common factual basis for qualified political debate.
A new and exciting project can be found on addendum.org every week. Over the course of the project week, we publish contributions in various journalistic formats. You will receive fascinating data analyses, infographics, animations, video reports and background texts.

Addex - the express news

Addex is the express version of the research platform addendum.org. On this mobile-optimised portal, in-depth research and reports are processed in compact form. A distinguishing feature in this context is the visual presentation by means of animated images (GIFs) as well as the presentation of the content according to the Swipe principle. Readers are thus able to consume the essence of an Addendum project in a matter of only a few minutes and will be redirected to Addendum.org in case they are interested in learning more.
This principle and the software behind Addex also offer our partners the advantages of presentation of the complex content in an easily consumable form, animated presentation which invites users to share content on social media platforms or with friends, reaching a younger target group as well as a target group which likes to “snack” information. Addex regards itself as a brand with serious content and high affinity to Generation Z and the Millennials. Its unique form of presentation closes a gap between clickbait media aimed at young people and the traditional news portals

Im Kontext

Over a period of several weeks, Addendum intensively researches the projects which are then published on addendum.org. The TV report “Im Kontext” broadcast weekly is part of this research. You can watch this documentary either on Thursdays at 21:15 on ServusTV or online starting from 22:15.


You would like to know which way every single Member of the National Council votes? Addendum records every meeting of the National Council photographically and then analyses this behaviour. After all, there are no records yet of the way in which the individual Members have voted, whether they have voted in line with their party or against it, or whether they were even present. The voters can learn about the voting behaviour of the single fractions on the website of the National Council – but not on the basis of individual Members. Addendum is committed to capturing that which is missing in order to contribute to qualified political debate.

Talk im Hangar 7

Politics, economics, science – topics which affect our society: Michael Fleischhacker and a group of renowned guests discuss current topics in the weekly “Talk im Hangar 7”. Controversial, profound, solution-oriented – no political platitudes, no pointless exchange of blows. You can watch this round of discussions live from Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport every Thursday evening or find it online here.